Thriving Through the Holidays: Video Exercise

Here are some questions to think about and identify what you're doing and how you feel about it. This same process can be used for any decision your making. You may decide to do something that isn't really what you'd like, but make the conscious decision to do it this year and re-evaluate next year.

What are your plans for the holidays?

Are you staying home?

Are you traveling?

Are you flying somewhere?

Is someone coming to your house to visit?

If someone is coming to your house, are they staying with you?

Are you ok with that?

How long are they staying?

How long are you staying if you’re visiting someone else?

Do your holiday plans bring you joy?

If not, what do you need?

Do you feel safe?

Do you feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel trapped?

Do you feel stuck?

What do you feel your choices are?

All the questions above are areas that there may be some choices, even if you’re not seeing what they are right now. If it isn’t feeling good when you check in with your body, (or even with your head) it means a change needs to happen.

Try going back into the short video and trying out different holiday plans while checking in with your body. See what works best for you!

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