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Please pay as much as you can afford to support the work we're doing here at The Consciously Parenting Project. We strive to make our information affordable for all families. If you can afford more, you're helping to support a family who might not otherwise be able to have the support, so thank you for paying more when you can.

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  • You are interested in staying more connected in your family.
  • You want to be able to access information and encouragement 24/7 from the comfort of home.
  • You are dedicated to creating, nurturing and healing your family relationships.
  • You want to understand the impact of our early experiences for ourselves and our kids.

Who is this NOT for?

  • Parents who want to use traditional behavior-based parenting techniques.
  • Parents who want to figure out which punishment is the best for what their child just did.
  • Families who would prefer to use sticker charts and time-outs won't find this information helpful.
  • Families who want to only connect with others in person since it's all online.
  • Parents who are in crisis as a sole support. (It would be a great additional support to individual consultations with Rebecca.)

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  • Additional content in short bits- 5 minute audio or video- once a week to strengthen your connection in your family, learn new information to help you stay connected. Inspiration and education to help you stay connected and repair disconnections when they happen.
  • Access to video chat room so you can connect with other parents.
  • Monthly Q&A call with Rebecca. This is a safe place where you can ask your parenting questions on a live call (recorded so you can listen later) or you can send in your questions to be answered. The benefit is getting to ask your questions directly to Rebecca and have answers in real time. Opportunity to create more connection in your family or reconnect if there's been a disconnection. Connect with other parents on the call.
  • 2 monthly Healing Circle calls. This is an opportunity to join a special small group of parents and Rebecca, online via video chat twice per month, to talk about whatever parenting concerns you have.

    This is a reflective listening space where we practice listening to one another, the same skill we'd like to cultivate in our own homes with our partner and children. You can ask for solutions in this space, but it is more about being heard so you can find your own answers. You get to connect with others who have been practicing these skills together, some for 3 or more years.

    This is the highest level of support we offer without doing individual sessions and is a great way to get additional support for every day parenting and for more difficult challenges, too.

Paid Membership is for you if...

  • You want a weekly bit of encouragement.
  • You're interested in some of the courses offered here.
  • You want the opportunity to talk to Rebecca once per month to ask any parenting question on your heart or mind.
  • You want the option to connect more deeply with other families through our video chat "Time-in Room" in addition to our parenting support forums.
  • You would like to connect with other parents on a deeper level.
  • You want to learn the skills needed to really listen within your own family by having the experience of being seen, heard, and felt by other parents.
  • You want to find your own answers for the questions you have about your kids, yourself, or your family.
  • You want to be able to ask other parents about their experiences in real time via a moderated video chat.
  • Your family is having a normal level of challenge, or if you are having an extra level of challenge and you want to use this for extra support (in addition to individual consultations with Rebecca.)