A conversation with Tracy Cassels and Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

This conversation began when an article published by NPR discussed the idea of a "nighttime pass" for older children. Tracy Cassels and I knew we needed to talk about this.

In light of the many struggles parents have with sleep and all the conflicting information, we thought it was important to discuss biologically what is appropriate for our infants and toddlers and what that really means about how we can handle nighttime with our children. That doesn't mean they do anything they want, but it also means we can respect their night time needs and their biological needs for connection, frequent feeding, and proximity wired in from our very primal beginnings.

So if night time is something you struggle with or something you'd like to learn more about from the biological imperatives of our humanness, take a listen to Tracy and Rebecca discuss this very important topic.

You can learn more about Tracy by visiting her website and her resource page for more information about gentle sleep.

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