Healing Stories

Simple techniques to create more connection and heal from overwhelming experiences.

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Are you looking for a way to communicate better with your child? Another way to handle the challenges of having little people (or maybe not so little people) without resorting to yelling or punishment?

You’ll learn simple techniques that you can use in your family to create more connection in your daily life together. This course consists of four 60-minute sessions.

*Part 1 consists of the foundational principles and I’d recommend watching it even if you are most interested in one of the others as we will be expanding upon this foundation in the subsequent parts.

  • Part 1: Healing Stories with Little Ones - Sharing Birth Stories with Infants and Toddlers in the Family Setting (Helps with sleeping, nursing, and high need babies)
  • Part 2: Healing Stories and Everyday Communication
  • Part 3: Healing Stories and Older Kids
  • Part 4: Healing Stories and Trauma with a capital T

What is Healing Stories?

This is a process of integrating overwhelming events. It was developed by Rebecca Thompson Hitt, M.S. of The Consciously Parenting Project and is based on the work of Ray Castellino of BEBA.

Overwhelming events are going to happen to us. When we can integrate an overwhelming event in a safe, supported environment, we're able to really experience and express our thoughts and feelings around the event, and complete them. This enables us to emotionally heal from whatever happened.

Healing Stories involves slowing down and telling the story of the event. We naturally do a version of this when we get together with a friend and tell them about something that happened. We want to be heard, for someone to really listen and empathize or sympathize with us. If we are sad, we may want to be held while we cry, or to have someone cry with us. Participating in a group Healing Stories Circle (included in Gold Membership) or having a private Healing Stories Session enables you to help your child heal from trauma and also heal yourself.

Healing Stories is about:

  • HOPE! There is a tremendous amount of hope for healing even very traumatic events so they do not have to keep a hold on our lives.
  • Honesty. Be honest about what happened. Don't hold back your feelings. They are your feelings and they deserve to be acknowledged.
  • Taking responsibility for something that happened.
  • Forgiveness. This includes forgiving others for something they may have done, as well as forgiving yourself if you have regrets.

Healing Stories is not about:

  • Guilt. You can take responsibility for a decision you made and regret, without continually feeling guilty about it.
  • Blame. You can acknowledge that someone may have acted in a way that wasn't ok, without blaming them and holding a grudge.

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Please pay as much as you can afford to support the work we’re doing here at The Consciously Parenting Project. We strive to make our information affordable for all families. If you can afford more, you’re helping to support a family who might not otherwise be able to have the support, so thank you for paying more when you can.

Together we are stronger.

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Your Instructor

Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT
Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

Rebecca is the founder of The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC, and author of 3 books (Consciously Parenting: What it really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families, Creating Connection: Essential Tools for Growing Families through Conception, Birth and Beyond, and Nurturing Connection: What Parents Need to Know about Emotional Expression and Bonding), numerous classes and recordings, and the former co-host of a radio show, True North Parents. She is currently working on her 4th book, All Relationships Can Heal, due out in early 2020.

You can read more about her here.

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